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FPE Sontum is supplying a twin fluid / low pressure type of Fine Water Spray system, with a operating nozzle pressure of approx. 5 Barg.

This specific Fine Water Spray system has been run through a comprehensive test program at SINTEF, Norwegian Fire Laboratory, which is an institution under the Technical University in Trondheim, Norway. The design criteria for our Fine Water Spray system is based on the results from these tests, and is a total flooding type system.

FPE Sontum’s Fine Water Spray systems can be tailored to meet various fire protection applications, in offshore, marine, process and industry, such as:

  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Diesel engines / diesel generators
  • Machine enclosures
  • Process plant areas (gaseous and liquid flammable materials)
  • Process pumps/mixers
  • Since 1992 these Fine Water Spray systems have been delivered to a large number of Norwegian and British Offshore platforms as well as refineries and military installations. All these projects have been managed by personnel currently employed by FPE Sontum.


FPE Sontum is also supplying a water mist system which is designed to IMO MSC Circ 1165 and certified by DNV. This system is based on the use of VID Fire Kill water mist nozzles operating at a pressure of 8 Bar. This system is suitable for large machinery rooms and cargo pump rooms up to 3842m3.

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