Services and testing

We perform Inspection, service, and maintenance of:

  • Fire extinguishers in accordance with NS3910
  • Fire hoses in accordance with NS-EN671-3
  • Pressure testing, inspection, and testing of flat hoses
  • Breathing systems
  • Large powder and foam installations

In addition, we at FPE Sontum perform the following at our workshops:

  • Pressure testing
  • Filling various types of gas, including Inergen, Novec, CO2 and Nitrogen
  • Filling various types of powder and foam
  • Service and maintenance of pumps and other fire and safety equipment
  • Other workshop services

Commisioning services

In the commissioning phase we assure that all systems and equipment are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to client specifications.

The commissioning phase can be challenging, because of issues with interfaces that could not be tested during FAT. Therefore, we use experienced engineers and technicians that have a mixed set of skills.

We provide experienced engineers and technicians for commissioning, planning of commissioning, support, and supervision.

Field testing

Inspection, service, recertification or annual maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire hoses /flat hoses, breathing systems, large powder, and foam systems.

We are also approved for pressure testing in accordance with ADR on behalf of DNV and can when tested provide refilling of Inergen, Novec, CO2 and Nitrogen gas cylinders.

In order to determine the status of your fire and safety equipment, we offer to arrange routine tests of installed firefighting systems and equipment.

The purpose of a full flow test, which is one of our specialties, is to assess:

  • Test according to fire scenario
  • Quantity of water and capacity of fire pump
  • Distribution of water to fire zones
  • Verification of pressure and flow coverage
  • Condition of nozzles and piping arrangements
  • Drainage conditions
  • Measure of foam percentage
  • Quality check of foam concentrate
  • Identify water hammer issues

Registering recorded data over time enable us to perform condition-based and preventive maintenance.

Upgrading and replacement

Our experienced service technicians supported by our engineering team, are highly qualified to perform survey and inspection of all firefighting systems & equipment, to determine if the equipment needs to be maintained, upgraded of replaced.

Also, our engineers can contribute with design and supply of specialized systems and equipment and have extensive experience in hydraulic calculation and verifications of your systems.

Whether it is a brand-new installation with water hammer issues or the challenges of an aging installation, we can advise you on how to solve the issue. No task is too big or too small for us, and we are always ready to help.

Our first commitment is to keep your systems in a correct operational status.

That is why we say:

Keep going. Keep safe.


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