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Early stage fire fighting equipment design evaluation.

FPE Sontum has an installed base of several thousand fire protection systems around the world. This design base, together with use of 3D- modelling design software of our systems, allows us to explore various design lay-outs quickly based on customers demand for max skid envelope, special interface requirements, various foam injection solutions etc. This enables us to evaluate access requirements for various components inside the skids, HSE aspects, emergency release systems etc, for various skid arrangements, and thereby to suggest the most efficient, optimized solution.

FPE Sontum has often been involved at an early stage in projects to do such preliminary work. This will contribute to improve the quality of information that forms the basis for pre-feed or feed engineering for our Clients.

We can also perform preliminary pressure loss/ capacity calculations, weight calculations, and budgetary cost figures for such special design.

The risk related to skid envelope dimensions, interface information, equipment weight and cost, can thereby be significantly reduced.

Design and hydraulic calculation of deluge distribution systems

We can undertake responsibility for deluge design, including location of nozzles and design of distribution piping system, complete with isometric layout drawings. We can carry out hydraulic calculations, by use of Pipenet Software, and optimize the system in terms of hydraulic balance, and can prepare Isometric drawings including complete material take-off lists. We can also contribute with design and supply of specialized equipment, to eliminate surge pressure problems in your firewater piping system, and perform surge analysis studies by use of Pipenet Transient software.

Firewater Design and Hydraulic Calculations

FPE Sontum performs all types of firewater design studies and calculations to optimize systems and reduce hydraulic imbalance to comply to statutory regulations and project specific requirements.

We use the well-known and established software Pipenet Spray/Sprinkler and Transient for this purpose, as well as our own developed tools. We do provide studies, input and recommendations to firewater ring main design, distribution piping and nozzle locations, complete with isometric drawings.

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