Test facilities

FPE have designed and constructed a ”State of the Art” test-facility, with large capacity and high flexibility

Meet the most stringent demands for fire protection for oil and gas installations.

We can carry out full functional testing and leak testing of all water-based fire fighting equipment, such as deluge-, sprinkler-, monitor-, hydrant- and hose reel systems may be performance tested, at full capacity.

The pumps and engines are installed in an insulated building and water is fed from a 80m3 tank. All engine functions are remotely controlled. The flow-meter is installed on a piping loop, which returns the water to the tank.

Our main objective is to contribute to the protection of your personnel and production facilities, by ensuring that your extinguishing systems operate safely at all times.

Capacities and performance

  • Water Reservoir, 80m3
  • Pump, 2 off, Diesel-driven (Engine = 300 kW)
  • Performance: 24000 LPM (1440 m3/h) @ 11 Barg
  • Adjustable (Remote control) Back-Pressure Valve, Ball-segment type, 10”
  • Flowmeter, 12” E&H Promag 50W, 1330 – 40000 LPM (80 – 2400 m3/h)
  • Flowmeter, 4” E&H Promag 50W, 145 – 4700 LPM (8.7 – 282 m3/h)
  • Pressure Transmitters & Solenoid Valves (for monitoring of the Clients Equipment)
  • Remote Control (via PLC) w. Data-logging
  • “Water-Funnel” used for recirculation of water when testing
  • Hydrants and Monitors

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Bjørn Erik Sampson

Bjørn Erik Sampson

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